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Spiritual Life & Community Service

Spiritual Life & Community Service

Spiritual Life


The spiritual philosophy of Mount Alvernia Academy is to acknowledge and affirm the presence of God and to make His message known and lived. We instill meaningful values such as integrity, an awareness of social justice, and a commitment to continuing Jesus' mission on earth through good works.  As stated in MAA's Children's mission statement, "God made me to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, St. Francis, and St. Clare to make the world a better place."

We at Mount Alvernia Academy place a high priority on intellectual advancement. Academically, it is our goal to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and to develop a sensitivity and flexibility of mind and spirit. Each child is encouraged to reach his or her intellectual and social potential.  Outreach to others begins  in the classroom and is expanded beyond the walls of the Academy. 

Mount Alvernia Academy makes every effort to develop the social skills of our students. The reinforcement of fundamentals such as respect, courtesy, and good manners, is part of each school day. We encourage an attitude of mutual respect and acceptance of self.

The emotional self of the child is nurtured at Mount Alvernia Academy. We stress responsibility and self-awareness as important steps in development. A sense of warmth and safety, dignity and self-esteem are the qualities that form the foundation and lead to the intrinsic good in the child.