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MAA Students Enter Eversource Home Energy Challenge!

MAA Students are getting a helping hand on their final Science project of the year! Thanks to Eversource, they are working on a fun new experiment about insulation and energy. Recognizing that students around New England would be home for the end of the school year, Eversource came up with a way to help. They are providing free experiment kits for students to build a model energy-efficient home. According to Eversource, this experiment is a great way for students to “learn the importance of insulation and how some insulations perform better than other forms of insulation.”

To make the project dubbed “The Home Energy Challenge” even more exciting, it is also being run as a contest. Students submit their projects to Eversource and enter to win some wonderful prizes, such as an Apple iPad or Samsung Chromebook. MAA’s fourth and fifth-grade have taken up the challenge and are hard at work on their projects!