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School Counselor

Mount Alvernia Academy's School Counselor, Mrs. Ekta Bhalla offers
a variety of services and programs to support students and their families.
Her primary focus is to provide social-emotional counseling that fosters
the success of all MAA students. Counseling services may be appropriate
for short-term issues, such as adjustment to a new class, making new friends,
a family illness, or transition. Mrs. Bhalla can be found all around the Academy -- in
the classrooms with students and faculty, in the cafeteria or recess, or meeting
the students, parents, or staff in her office. She can also be found before or
after school either outside greeting students or in her office. The students know
she is available to them. The School Counselor’s job is to:
  • Consult with teachers and administration regarding the social-emotional needs of students
  • Provide consultation and referrals for parents regarding any concerns about their children
  • Provide short-term counseling to individual students and offer small groups to help support educational success
  • Address the emotional and social needs within the school community to promote the academic achievement of all students
  • Listen to students, ensuring they feel welcome and that they are a valued part of the MAA school community.
  • Demonstrate respect and regard for students, staff, and families
  • Believe in each student and encourage each to be the best person possible
  • Help students develop and strengthen social and emotional skills in the areas of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, developing positive relationships and making healthy and safe decisions. 
Students at MAA may see the School Counselor for any reason:
  • Friendship problems
  • Help with understanding and managing feelings
  • School-related anxiety or phobias
  • To improve motivation and growth mindset approach
  • Coping with loss or family changes
  • Goal setting and problem-solving
  • Social pragmatics and improving social skills
  • Conflict management
  • Mindfulness strategies
Parents are welcome to contact Mrs. Bhalla at any time regarding a concern they may have for their child either by phone or e-mail. 
Phone: 617-379-5770