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Two - Time US Department of Education High Performing National Blue Ribbon School - 2015 & 2022!

MAA wins Massachusetts Junior School of the Year (Grades 6-8) and Elementary School of the Year (Grades 3-5) from NEED Project!

Mrs. Maria Lyons, Science Teacher for Grades 4-6, and her students have once again won the NEED (The National Energy Education Development Project) awards for outstanding energy education projects. Grade 4 and Grade 5 students conducted the NEED investigations on the Science of Energy and sources of energy. This included renewable energy vs. non-renewable energy, solar panels, wind turbines, and creating an energy house. The students successfully planned and constructed a village from their energy houses, meeting the needs of the village. In addition, they added solar panels and wind turbines to make their village into Renewton. As a result of their efforts, MAA was selected as Massachusetts Elementary School of the Year!


The 6th Grade Science classes designed and created Plastic Extractinator water vehicles from recycled materials. Working in groups of 3, they first made a battery-powered circuit with a motor and a switch which they had to waterproof using electrical tape. The students then designed and built water vehicles that used the motor circuit to propel themselves through the water. The Plastic Extractinator vehicles had to be able to collect small bits of plastic as it moved through the water. They used recycled plastic to create something that would clean up plastic from the environment...a double win for the environment. The students learned about the making of plastics, uses, recyclability, and the dangers of plastic in a water environment. They now understand the slogan Reduce, Reuse, Recycle first hand. This project earned them the award of Massachusetts Junior School of the Year!


Fifteen MAA students and their families, along with Ms. Lawhorn will be traveling to Washington, DC to attend the NEED Youth Conference and Awards at the end of June. We are so proud of all of our students and a special thank you to Mrs. Lyons!