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Hot & Cold Energy Sources - NEED Project

One of Fifth Grade class made Energy Houses built for a cold environment and the other Fifth Grade class made Energy Houses built for a hot environment. After constructing and testing their Energy Houses, they painted and added features helpful in their environments. They constructed electric circuits and added lighting. They then combined their houses into two villages: hot and cold.

Grade 4 decided, based on the given criteria and what they had learned about energy sources that Solar Energy and the cold, breezy town by Wind Turbines should power the hot, sunny town. They constructed and added a Solar Farm to the Hot Town, Arizona desert, and a Wind Farm to the Cold Town, the coast of Northern Maine.

The students presented their village, explaining how the houses were made and about the different sources of energy in the village to the other classes and staff in the school and on the school’s social media. This was a fun and exciting project.

Click the video below to see their presentation!