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Mrs. Lyons goes to NASA!

While she is there, she will be given behind the scene tours of the NASA facilities, speak with mission engineers, visit the Launchpad and tour the Kennedy Space Center. She will also be attending the NASA TV Press Conference on the Osiris-Rex Mission. The mission is to send a rocket to an asteroid and then using a robotic arm pick up a sample of the asteroid and return the sample back to Earth for scientists to study. The best part of the trip will be viewing the launch of the spacecraft, from the Press Area, Thursday night at 7:00PM. Mrs. Lyons will be sending pictures and videos to Mrs. Walsh who will post them on the School’s Website and Social Media Accounts.

Mrs. Lyons will also be visiting the Merritt Island National Wildlife Sanctuary, which surrounds Cape Canaveral, and will take pictures of the animals she finds there.

Mrs. Lyons will be back in school on Monday and will tell us all about her trip and the Osiris-Rex Mission.