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Faculty Spotlight Friday

This week’s Faculty Spotlight Friday is on Mount Alvernia Legend, Mrs. Pamela Quinn. Mrs. Quinn has been the art teacher for Kindergarten through 6th grade for the past 41 years. Mrs. Quinn teaches her students “how to see rather than just look at, how to appreciate the beauty in the world around them, and how to express themselves through the language of art”. She is the mother of two Mount Alvernia alumni and loves photography and her antique booth she owns up in Vermont. She says that she loves Mount Alvernia because of its incredibly warm environment and because of the great kids she gets the pleasure of teaching. When asked about the importance of the Art Fair that went on this week, Mrs. Quinn said, “the kids are very proud of what they’ve made, so this allows them to be acknowledged and appreciated as artists. This art show also allows the students to see each other’s work and to learn more about art from each other.”
Year after year, Mrs. Quinn continues to inspire her students!