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Faculty Spotlight Friday

This week's Faculty Spotlight Friday is on Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher.  Mrs. Gallagher has been a teacher for 15 years and is completing her 10th year at Mount Alvernia. When teaching her students she focuses on personal development and finding one's strengths and areas for improvement. "Can't is not allowed in my class. Everyone can, we will just all do it at different times and in different ways."  She teaches because she loves the children and their journey.  "I love when I see former students return and tell me about their successes. I enjoy meeting children in Nursery and watching them grow through the years. Seeing how much they change from September to June and PK to 6. I am honored to be a part of their lives."
Mrs. Gallagher is amazed at how much her students have grown this year and is excited to start more journeys with new students in the fall!