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Global Collaboration with JDO Foundation


Mt. Alvernia Academy will be participating in a global partnership collaborative program through the JDO Foundation. The JDO Foundation is an educational non-profit foundation committed to facilitating the use of technology in 3rd-8th grade classrooms around the world.

Led by Principal Barbara Plunkett, teachers Ms. Marisa Caruso (4th Grade), and Mr. Christopher Doyle (4th Grade) will initiate the program this school year with partner classes in Malmo, Sweden and Dublin, Ireland. They will have the opportunity to communicate and collaborate on co-curricular topics using Chromebooks, iPads and other live sharing software.

Mt. Alvernia Academy is one of JDO Foundation’s 60 international partner schools. JDO’s school partners are located in London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Belfast, Northern Ireland; Cardiff, Wales; Rome, Pisa, and Puglia, Italy; Murcia, Spain; Malmo, Sweden; Glina, Croatia; Krakow, Poland; Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Uttar Pradesh, India. This program enables students to utilize technology to explore learning topics with peers around the world.

The JDO Global Partnership Program provides a long-term integrative collaboration model for partner schools. Mt. Alvernia Academy will be participating in the JDO Global Partnership Program for 3 years. This will enable the teachers to further develop relationships with their partner classes and refine techniques for collaborative learning. Congratulations to Mt. Alvernia Academy! This is an amazing opportunity for your students to connect and learn from peers around the world.