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April Fools!

Mr. Darling’s joke, though, is about more than the laughs. The joke doubles as a valuable lesson in resourcefulness and troubleshooting.

Every class comes in to find their seat upended, monitors disheveled, and their keyboards in a tangled mess upon the floor. What to do in the face of such chaos? Pick up the pieces and figure out how to put it all together again!

Students ensure the right cords are in their respective ports, monitors are right side up and connected to the tower, and must complete a typing challenge with a blank keyboard. Do they bask in all their hard work and save their fellow classmates the headache of cleaning up? NO! They promptly undo all their hard work. Over go the chairs, toppled are the monitors and towers, and twisted are the wires. The next class will enter and be faced with the same challenge -- and the joke goes on!