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Faculty Friday: Mrs. Sarah Moore

Mount Alvernia Academy Music Teacher, Mrs. Sarah Moore, had a powerful experience with music as a child and knew immediately that she needed to find a way to immerse herself in music for the rest of her life. “At a young age, I realized that I felt happiest and most alive when I was experiencing music,” she reflected. “It’s a privilege to be able to invite others to this experience on a daily basis.”

One of the first things that Mrs. Moore noticed upon arriving at MAA was that music was everywhere. “I was happily overwhelmed by how much music is woven into school activities! Liturgies, concerts . . . even the morning announcements,” she exclaimed. Mrs. Moore has brought so much joy to our community through music in just her first year at MAA. She has led our children in song for so many events already that she has a hard time picking a favorite. “It’s difficult to pick just one favorite event,” she said. “I will never forget the faces of the veterans, grandparents, and special friends who attended our Veterans’ Day and Special Friends’ Celebration in the fall,” she smiled. “The musical was also great! It offered me the chance to work closely with our Sixth Graders and the supporting grades. I enjoyed watching them blossom as the year came to a close,” she continued.

Mrs. Moore and her family have quickly become a wonderful presence in our community, as her husband helped prepare our students for the spring musical. When she first arrived on campus,  one of the first things about the MAA community that she recognized and fell in love with was the opportunity to educate and be educated in the tradition of the Catholic Church. “Although I have been Catholic my whole life and have worked in the Church for many years, I was moved by my first experience of Catholic education and the simple gift of being able to pray with one’s neighbor,” she said.

The school’s faith life strengthens the bonds of our community, bonds that Mrs. Moore believes are strengthened through music. “Music builds bridges between students, communities, even nations. Music awakens our inner soul and gives expression to deep emotion,” she stated. Mrs. Moore’s music has, without a doubt, brought a spirit of peace and love to our community; it echoes through the halls, and we hope it will for years to come.