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Home & School Association

We love our volunteers! All of our parents are members of the Home & School Association, which plans fun community events throughout the school year. H&S Newsletters will be published every two months and will be posted on this web page. 

Home and School Officers for the 2021-2022 School Year
Co-President Karen Aylward (Grade 4, 1, N)
Co-President Jen Burrows (Grade 4)
Secretary Joanna Kochanski (Marchetto) (Grade 5)
Room Parent Coordinator Steph McRoskey ('21, 5, K)
The Home & School Association is planning the following events for the 2021-2022 school year. Please click on the event for a description of each. The co-chairs for the events are also listed along with the committee members. Some events still need co-chairs...please click HERE to sign up. If you would like to contact Home & School, please email: [email protected]
Lindsay Burns
Committee Member Nancy Coppola
Committee Member Wendy Hill
Committee Member Meaghan Jackman
Co-Chair TBD
Committee Member Cary Hencken
Committee Member Lynne Morand
Committee Member Erica Marken
Ruby Khalaf
Co-Chair Kate Lozano
Committee Member Nancy Coppola 
Committee Member Kara Norman 
Committee Member Jessica Pieroway
Jaime Conte
Committee Member Laura Bailey
Committee Member Zana Bozza
Committee Member Kate Hazelton
Zana Bozza
Co-Chair Nanette Wehbe
Committee Member Lena Audy
Committee Member Joanne Rios Larade
Committee Member Angela Kesaris
Lara Ammouri
Co-Chair Marielena Gamboa-Ruiz
Committee Member Wendy Hill
Committee Member Aubrey Liss
Committee Member Rebecca Power
Co-Chair OPEN
Committee Member Meaghan Jackman
Committee Member Michelle Keating
Committee Member Neema Uthappa
Co-Chair OPEN
Committee Member Nancy Coppola
Committee Member Laura DiMascio
Committee Member Sarah Lepardo
Co-Chair OPEN
Committee Member Lisa Casillo
Committee Member Erin Hannon Foley
Committee Member Samantha Martin
Co-Chair OPEN
Committee Member Lara Ammouri
Committee Member Nancy Coppola
Committee Member Ruby Khalaf
Room Parents - 2021-2022

The Room Parent position is a great way to be involved and volunteer with other parents to help create and maintain a strong sense of community. Each classroom is assigned 2-3 Room Parents depending on the activities in that grade. The Room Parents work closely with the teachers during the school year and each grade works together as a team. The Room Parent responsibilities include:


  • Serve as a year-round resource for the parents in their grade;
  • Organize classroom holiday parties for the students;
  • Organize an auction item for the Starry Night Gala & Auction;
  • Organize an age-appropriate service project;
  • Organize parent social gatherings;
  • Communicate school event and activity information to parents in their grade;
  • Serve as a liaison to assist MAA’s advancement initiatives throughout the school year.
To contact MAA's room parent coordinator please email: [email protected].
Grade - Teacher Room Parent
Nursery - Ms. Prendergast Karen Aylward
Nursery - Ms. Prendergast Meaghan Jackman
PreK- Ms. Wolford Nancy Coppola (Shnayder)
PreK- Ms. Wolford Alexandra Beltrami (Lander)
PreK- Ms. Wolford Ruby Khalaf (Baly)
Kindergarten - Mrs. Nappi Steph McRoskey
Kindergarten - Mrs. Nappi Courtney Yakavonis
Kindergarten - Ms. Cash Lindsay Burns
Kindergarten - Ms. Cash Marielena Gamboa-Ruiz Millan)
Grade 1 - Mrs. Abbott Christy Marcelyn (Setiawan)
Grade 1 - Mrs. Abbott Lena Audy
Grade 1 - Mrs. Abbott  
Grade 1 - Mrs. Mazza Christina Condron
Grade 1 - Mrs. Mazza Kate Lozano
Grade 2 - Ms. Butler  
Grade 2 - Ms. Butler Angela Terzides
Grade 2 - Ms. Santiano Wendy Hill
Grade 2 - Ms. Santiano Jessica Pieroway
Grade 3 - Mrs. O'Connell Angela Kesaris
Grade 3 - Mrs. O'Connell Maura Duggan (Housman)
Grade 3 - Mrs. Ryan Annie White
Grade 3 - Mrs. Ryan Kara Norman
Grade 4 - Mrs. Caruso  
Grade 4 - Mrs. Caruso Petra Lirk
Grade 4 - Ms. Kayser Jaime Conte
Grade 4 - Ms. Kayser Laura Bailey
Grade 5 - Ms. Druid Lisa Casillo (Miller)
Grade 5 - Ms. Druid Aubrey Liss (Salpoglou)
Grade 5 - Ms. Gazzola Tracy O'Leary
Grade 5 - Ms. Gazzola Adrienne Greene
Grade 6 - Mrs. Hall Michelle Keating (Burstein)
Grade 6 - Mrs. Hall Denise Romano
Grade 6 - Ms. Lawhorn Eileen Weir (Kelly)
Grade 6 - Ms. Lawhorn Adrienne Greene