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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Classroom


The Fifth Grade curriculum at Mount Alvernia Academy challenges the students to become independent learners as they gain autonomy over their academic life. With a strong emphasis on critical thinking, study skills, cooperative learning, and time management, the students are provided with opportunities to meet these objectives in all discipline areas. 



Students experience their through the sacraments, which is this year's central theme. Through their study of the sacraments, they encounter Jesus, experience grace, and deepen their relationship with God. The students frequently pray and reflect. Friday's class is held in the MAA Chapel, focusing on the coming Sunday's Readings and Gospels, which enables them to participate more fully in the Eucharist. 

Language Arts

With an integrated language arts program, the students merge many disciplines into their daily work. They read well-written literature, exposing them to complex characters, intriguing plots, and timely themes through discussions, literature circles, and analysis of text. Complementing the literary elements are the skills which foster greater comprehension. Using the writing process, the students develop writing habits which incorporate advancing vocabulary and proper grammar and spelling. They express their creativity, ideas, and research in both written and oral expression through narratives, research papers, essays, and poems. 
The students are engaged in mathematics, expanding their understanding of concepts and practicing computational skills while solving problems that are applicable to everyday situations. They study mathematical operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, as well as geometry, graphs, time, and measurement. 
STEM takes first place in the Science Lab at MAA. Integrating technology into the classes, the students approach their work in a variety of modalities: textbooks, hands-on observational and experimental activities, interactive SmartBoard exercises, and technology including computers, tablets, and calculators. The students' work culminates in an annual Science Fair where the students present projects that utilize their research skills and the scientific method, as well as written, visual, and oral presentation skills. 
Social Studies
The fifth graders gain a deeper understanding of American history and geography while making connections between people and events of the past and present. An appreciation for cultural diversity is undertaken as the students study the exploration of North America and the growth and development of the United States. Through a variety of research projects, the students inquire, discover, problem solve, and integrate information. These projects help develop the following skills:  visual learning, critical thinking, map skills, and cooperative learning.