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Two - Time US Department of Education High Performing National Blue Ribbon School - 2015 & 2022!
Mrs. Judy Nappi » Mrs. Judy Nappi

Mrs. Judy Nappi

Years in Education: 17 

Years at MAA: 16 


Why I teach: I am passionate about immersing students in a world of educational experiences. I appreciate the opportunity to share daily questions, challenges, and discoveries with my students. My love of learning with and from children is what drives me to teach. Ms. Cash and I have a strong partnership with the Kindergarten team.


Our Kindergarten team of teachers and aides creates a safe, inviting environment for students to embark on their journey through elementary school. Beyond learning academics, students become members of a group who share responsibilities. Class jobs are an important part of cultivating a cooperative, responsible classroom for learners. Students are proud to perform a new job each week knowing each person makes a difference.