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Two - Time US Department of Education High Performing National Blue Ribbon School - 2015 & 2022!



Mount Alvernia Academy’s kindergarten is a happy place.  Surrounded by nurturing teachers who understand the exploratory nature of the age, the students are provided with a safe environment where the children can discover, make-believe, play, work, and succeed.

Kindergarten Kids


Through Bible stories and Sadlier’s We Believe: God Made the World, the focus of the religion program is the love of God, the Father; the gift of God, the Son; and presence of the Holy Spirit, and our responsibility to practice the teachings of Jesus.
Language Arts 
With its strong phonetic approach, the Language Arts program has a three-tiered approach.  First, the students focus on sound-symbol relationships of letters and vowels, rhyming, and the formation and identification of upper and lower case alphabet letters.  Support is given in small groups to those who require reinforcement.  The reading component of our Language Arts program has its core in the Reading Street series with a big book (trade book) being read, discussed, and analyzed.  The literary elements are introduced--plot, characters, and setting.  This is done in conjunction with specific skills--vocabulary, predicting, sequencing, and cause and effect.  The students are introduced to high-frequency words and have the opportunity to read from individual leveled readers in small groups.  Workbooks support phonetic and reading skills.  The third component involves writing which is introduced through the use of journals and story summaries.  Done in conjunction with grammar lessons, the students quickly learn the main grammatical components of a sentence.
Starting with counting (0-100), numbers, and number recognition and writing (0-31), the students’ math foundation enables them to understand more complex ideas.  Taught through Progress in Mathematics, the use of manipulatives, and hands-on activities, the students are introduced to the concepts of addition and subtraction, sorting and classifying, measuring and graphing, as well as geometry.
Students explore, question, predict, experiment, and draw conclusions based on observation in science using Pearson’s Science.  Science allows the students’ curiosity, knowledge, and interests to examine God’s world around them.
Social Studies
Using Time for Kids, the students study the world, current events, historical figures, and holidays.  With their exposure to different cultures, the students learn to appreciate the diversity among us.