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Two - Time US Department of Education High Performing National Blue Ribbon School - 2015 & 2022!

Nursery & Pre-K

Curiosity abounds in the preschool programs at Mount Alvernia Academy.  Guided by a team of nurturing, early childhood teachers, the students are offered a myriad of activities that capitalize on each child’s natural interest about the world.  In this child-centered environment, the faculty uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating literary, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies through literature, music, creative arts, theatre play, and preplanned choice activities.  The students have dedicated Spanish, Library, Music, and Physical Education times with the Academy’s specialists.  Overarching everything in the curriculum is the Catholic faith with a special devotion to St. Francis of Assisi and his stewardship of the world. 
Along with its own space, the preschool children have a separate playground.  Throughout the day, these students are busy—playing, learning, teaching, interacting, leading, and observing.  They learn they have many roles, and each one is exciting.  The program is a wonderful and ever-changing combination of learning opportunities.  The schedule is flexible and offers the following choices: half day, full day, and extended day.