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Academic Resources

Learning Specialist & Lexia Reading


With the goal of academic success for all, the Academy employs a learning specialist who provides assistance to all students. In this multifaceted role, the learning specialist assesses students’ needs, evaluates problem areas, and provides reading as well as curricula support depending on the students’ ages and needs.

Not only is reading fundamental, it is the basis for all learning.  Mount Alvernia Academy understands this and uses Lexia Reading Core5, a technology-based reading program to supplement the grade level reading course in Kindergarten through Grade 5 for students who need an extra boost.  This adaptive program allows students to work independently as they practice six major fundamental reading skills—phonemic awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Done at the student’s pace, each receives scaffolding and corrective feedback.  As the student works through each level, data is collected and made available to the teachers.  The use of this information enables the teachers to target specific skills for each student through direct instruction.  A proven program, Lexia Core5 fosters strong readers. For more information visit

Working with the classroom teachers, the learning specialist deals with whole classes, small groups, and individual students. This assistance lays the foundation for future success.