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Divine Providence!

Mount Alvernia Academy Fifth and Sixth Grade Religion Teacher Mrs. Geary heard about Mount Alvernia Academy for the first time from a former colleague, who told her that working at MAA made her feel like she had “died and gone to heaven.”
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Welcome Home!

There is nothing quite like coming home. The familiar smells and sounds remind you that, here, you are supported, cared for, and loved. Third Grade teacher, Mrs. Judith Nappi, had just such a homecoming this fall when she returned to teaching at Mount Alvernia Academy
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Viernes Facultad Spotlight

Madrid and the banks of the River Manzanares are half a world away, but for Mount Alvernia Academy Spanish teacher Señora Marta Rosado, MAA feels like another home. “It reminds me of my school days when I was a little girl in Madrid,” she smiled.
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Faculty Friday (Nor'easter) Edition

Genuine wonder in response to ordinary things -- that is what Ms. Cheryl Prendergast loves most about teaching Preschool at Mount Alvernia Academy. “Working with three-year-olds is the best!” she exclaimed.
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